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Reviews and Referrals

Sound Mixer Knobs

Stephanie O'Brien - Aashna Living

Lacey is 5 STAR ! Great communicator, understood exactly what we wanted and improved upon it, fast turnaround,  super professional and her top level training is very evident in the quality of her work .

Video Camera Lens

When you hire a voice talent, you really want someone who sounds like a "gal next door." You don't want to be preached at, scolded, or pushed. Lacey is EVERYTHING in the former, and NOTHING in the latter. She's got such an easygoing and relatable voice, and she makes commercials shine. She's got a joy that shines right through.


Lesley Bailey - Voiceover Gurus

Lacey is simply as real-sounding as it gets. The proof is in her work. Her wide range of emotional expression runs from playful to sincere to warm to intelligent effortlessly and authentically. The only thing she is not … is an announcer. What you hear from Lacey is someone talking with you, not at you. And that makes you trust her, with everything.  And as a director, I’d trust her with just about any script that came my way. 

Josh Alexander - seattlevoiceoverartist via

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